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Novosound design and manufacture a range of innovative products for conventional NDT inspection, utilising the high resolution and flexible nature of our sensors.

Our probes and arrays are fully customisable to suit the requirements of the application.

  • Flexible Ultrasound Inspection Array

    Inspection | Aerospace | Oil & Gas

    The world’s first truly flexible NDT inspection arrays for imaging curved surfaces and complex geometries.

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  • High Resolution Ultrasound Probe

    Inspection | Quality Control | Research & Development | Industrial Imaging

    High resolution, full bandwidth immersion transducers in standard and bespoke configurations.

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Novosound’s ground-breaking sensors are ideal for continuous monitoring applications. Our smart ‘fit-and-forget’ probes can provide ongoing real-time data from narrow diameter pipes and vessels, complex curves and geometries, and at high temperatures.

  • Permanently Installed Monitoring Sensor

    Monitoring | Oil & Gas | Nuclear Power

    Permanently installed sensor for continuous monitoring at high temperatures and extreme environments. Ideal for corrosion monitoring over large areas, and inner/outer pipe elbow applications.

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  • Coating Services

    Advanced Deposition

    We have the ability to provide a fast an efficient sputter coating service offering a range of standard coatings for various applications. For more information on what we can provide please contact us for further details.

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