• Pulse

Pushing the limits of ultrasound

Novosound delivers a range of NDT products and customisable solutions for emerging industrial and medical applications.

  • Novosound Kelpie

    Aerospace | Research & Development | Industrial

    The Kelpie replaces challenging NDT inspections with a simple solution. With its fully flexible form, the Kelpie can conform to a wide range of diameters and curvatures enabling easy, efficient, and accurate inspections.

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  • Novosound Belenus

    Monitoring | Oil & Gas | Nuclear | Power Generation

    Compact and flexible, the Belenus can be easily fitted to a range of structures for continuous and real-time asset monitoring. With the ability to operate at high-temperatures, the Belenus is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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  • High Resolution Probe

    Inspection | Quality Control | Research & Development | Industrial Imaging

    High resolution, full bandwidth immersion transducers in standard and bespoke configurations.

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