Novosound was featured on the popular BBC Click TV program this week. The segment, which was aired throughout the week on BBC News Channel and online via iPlayer, explores the cutting-edge applications of Novosound's technology in a range of industries, focusing on Wearables.

On the BBC Click program, Founder and CEO, Dr Dave Hughes, discussed the impact of Novosound's technology on healthcare, as well as the future potential of ultrasonic sensing in Wireless Wearable Ultrasound. 

Dave Hughes, CEO and Founder of Novosound, said:

“Ultrasound has the ability to revolutionise digital health, and we are pioneering a truly wireless wearable ultrasound platform. We're very pleased that BBC has helped us to tell our story." 

Watch the BBC program here (min 14:00) to hear about the journey and demonstrating Novosound's core flexible ultrasound technology.


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