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    A Giant Leap Forward in Ultrasound

    Novosound has created a groundbreaking technique for the mass-production of printable ultrasound sensors.

    Located near Glasgow the company utilises its in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to engineer a thin-film core material that is flexible, extreme temperature resistant, lightweight, low profile, compact, and capable of producing high resolution images.

    Today Novosound has rapidly grown to become a global business working across a wide range of diverse industry sectors and markets.

    The Novosound team is made up of scientific, technical and commercial experts who work together with global clients to develop bespoke ultrasound products and solutions for industrial, medical, dental, veterinary and wearables projects.

    Meet The Team

  • Mission

    Pushing the Limits of Ultrasound

    The mission at Novosound is to push the limits of ultrasonic imaging and measurement.

    We do this by engineering our core material into useful sensor solutions for our customers, enabling them to overcome the limitations of conventional ultrasound technology for modern day applications.

    People are at the heart of the company, so we make sure to find the most talented individuals to join our diverse team and have built a culture that promotes honesty, integrity, and accountability.

    We believe that engineering and creativity are the backbone to progression and have set out to collaborate with both industrial and academic research partners who share our passion for problem solving and innovation.

  • Values

    Our Guiding Principles

    We need a compass to take us through any situation that may arise on our journey towards our mission.

    So we have a simple set of values for the company that we expect every member of the team to understand and demonstrate in everything they do at Novosound.

    1. Honesty, Integrity, Accountability
    2. Technology Underpinned
    3. Ambition and Rapid Pace
    4. Productivity over Activity
    5. Belonging - Nobody wins unless everybody wins!
  • Investors

    Investing in Novosound

    Our company has grown considerably since it was first formed thanks to forward thinking investors who support exciting technology businesses with funding and experience.

    If you would like to know more about investment opportunities then you can request further information through the link below.


  • Awards

    Industry Feedback

    Novosound has received a variety of technology and business awards for its sensor technology.


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