Our core technology can be used by different industries across the world.

Novosound specialise in the design and manufacturing of ultrasound sensors using a groundbreaking thin-film technique to address the limitations of traditional ultrasound. This includes products and customisable solutions for emerging applications in industrial, medical, and wearable markets.

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Pioneering the future of bionics with novosound's wireless wearable ultrasound sensors. 

Elevate your Bionics Capabilities to New Heights

Novosound's cutting-edge sensors are the driving force behind revolutionary wearable healthcare technologies. Their lightweight and discrete nature, coupled with mass-production capability, make them the ideal choice for tech giants seeking the next breakthrough in bionics.

Ultrasound's Transformative Role in Bionics

Ultrasound, a standard in medical fields, now takes centre stage in the realm of bionics, heralding a new era of innovation. With ultrasound, bionics can be precisely controlled based on specific movements or gestures made by the user.

Revolutionising Bionic Control

Attach ultrasound sensors to the user's skin, detect nuanced movements or gestures, and experience a level of control that redefines the bionic experience. Ultrasound control means a broader spectrum of movements and functions for bionics. It's about expanding possibilities, enhancing user experience, and making bionics more intuitive than ever before.

Future-Ready Research, Endless Possibilities

The use of ultrasound in bionics is not just a possibility; it's a promise. It holds the potential to transform the functionality and user interface of these extraordinary devices.

Advancing Technologies 

As technology propels forward, expect novosound to lead the charge in shaping the future of bionics with innovative uses of ultrasound technology. Embrace the future with novosound and create something incredible.


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