Our core technology can be used by different industries across the world.

Novosound specialise in the design and manufacturing of ultrasound sensors using a groundbreaking thin-film technique to address the limitations of traditional ultrasound. This includes products and customisable solutions for emerging applications in industrial, medical, and wearable markets.

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Novosound has applications in medical ultrasound where our flexible high resolution probes and Kelpie's provide a platform to design innovative new products that further improve the image quality of an ultrasound scan.

As we saw during the Covid19 crisis, the need to keep patients out of hospital and the demand for the remote monitoring of health is more critical than ever. Discover how Novosound’s novel, thin-film, ultrasound technology has been used as a wearable ultrasound sensor for healthcare, including an intelligent, autonomous bladder monitoring device and wearable lung device for remote monitoring and future diagnosis.

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