Our core technology can be used by different industries across the world.

Novosound specialise in the design and manufacturing of ultrasound sensors using a groundbreaking thin-film technique to address the limitations of traditional ultrasound. This includes products and customisable solutions for emerging applications in industrial, medical, and wearable markets.

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Conventional inspection techniques are often unsuitable for complex modern designs and materials, and there is an even greater requirement for smart sensors that provide continuous monitoring of critical assets and infrastructure for real-time data analysis.


Energy Sector

Oil & Gas | Nuclear | Power Generation

Corrosion mapping | Asset Integrity Monitoring

Our NDT products, the Belenus and Kelpie are addressing the biggest challenges in the industrial sector by simplifying complex inspections and increasing the efficiency of asset integrity monitoring. 

Novosound sensors are capable of operating at high temperatures, which means our Belenus sensor can continuously monitor the integrity of assets without needing to shutdown or cool infrastructure. This improves safety with more data, while saving money by cutting downtime. Belenus-X is available for operation in ATEX, IECEx and UKEX Zone 0 locations. This enables in-service corrosion monitoring in the most safety-critical and high-risk environments.

Current installments include inside HRSG Boiler - Actively monitor corrosion in high temperature areas during boiler operation. Our Belenus sensors are also installed at a titanium dioxide plant and a fertilizer plant.

helping oil and gas refinery operators and inspection professionals detect corrosion in pipes and vessels faster where monitoring has been historically difficult due to complex shapes and extreme temperatures. This improves safety while boosting operational productivity.


Aerospace | Curves and Complex Inspections

The Kelpie enables the inspection of curved surfaces and complex geometries during manufacture and operation, supporting new design ideas for modern aircraft parts and saving money by reducing aircraft maintenance times.

High Resolution Imaging

Novosound full bandwidth high resolution sensors are helping to see more defects in parts and materials during automated industrial inspections and research projects. Higher quality images for flaw detection.


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