A giant leap forward for ultrasound

Traditional ultrasound sensors are rigid, difficult to manufacture, costly, and deliver only low quality images and tricky measurements. Novosound solves all these limitations and more with a remarkable printed ultrasound sensor material.

Cross-industry application

novosound technology can be tuned to suit the particular requirements of many different industries. With an initial focus on non-destructive testing, we are developing novosound solutions for healthcare, dental, veterinary, and other industries, with many potential applications across each.



With patent protected technology, a highly achievable roadmap for profitability in year two, and advanced discussions already underway with multiple significant manufacturers and partners worldwide, novosound is an excellent prospect for investors.

About novosound

Our team is made up of scientific, technical and commercial experts in ultrasound technology. We're on a mission to become the world leader in the development and supply of cost-effective high-resolution ultrasound solutions for imaging and measurement applications.

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